Four Things You Want To Check Before Your Put Your Classic Back On The Road

29 July 2015
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If you have recently invested in a classic car, you are probably waiting to get it back on the road. Before your car performs like it once did, there are some things that you may want to do, such as revise the brakes, tune it up, and fix rust and paint. If you want to put the horsepower back in your classic, here are some of the essential tasks that you will want to do first:

1. Brake Jobs And Inspecting Brake Lines For Obvious Damage

One of the biggest problems with old cars that is overlooked is the brake system. Before you hit the road, it is a good idea to do a complete brake job, changing pads and fluids. It is also important to check all the brake lines for any corrosion or damage and replace them if needed. If you want to be sure your brakes are perfect, you can also change the master cylinder and calipers while doing other repairs.

2. Fluid Changes And Inspecting Seals And Gaskets

You may or may not know when the last time was that your car had an oil change. If you want to avoid mechanical failure, it is a good idea to change all the fluids. You will want to change the oil as well as do a transmission overhaul and flush the cooling system in your car. This will help to locate potential problems and repair them before you start driving your ride.

3. Changing Plugs And Overall Tune-up To Get Your Ride Right

A tune-up can be another improvement that you want to do before you hit the road. You will want to check things like the plugs and wires, as well as change all the filters and sensors under the hood. While doing this, look at the fuse box for any blown fuses and replace them as well. Inspect the car for any other small repairs and do them to while completing the tune-up.

4. Fixing Body And Paint Problems To Prevent Further Deterioration

If you have a car that has ever been in a cold climate or near the beach, it may have a lot of corrosion. This is not only something that is ugly, but can also affect how a car performs, especially if it has a unibody like Camaros and some other sports cars. Taking your car to a body and paint service can be a good way to get these repairs done and prevent further deterioration of your car.

These are some of the essential repairs and inspections you will want to do before you put you car back on the road. If you want to make it look road worthy and fix rust and corrosion, take your car to a paint service that specializes in classic car restorations like Ray Donch Body Werks Inc.