How To Fix A Rust Spot On Your Car

2 September 2015
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Rust on a car will continuously spread until it is dealt with. Rust will eventually spread like a virus throughout the rest of the body of the vehicle and deterioriate the metal. A rust spot that is not dealt with will eat through metal and leave holes in the vehicle which can be quite expensive to fix. Here is a simple fix that you can do at home to help prevent a rust spot from spreading.

To complete this task you will need the following:

  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Electric sander
  • Hard grit sandpaper
  • One can of primer paint
  • One can of auto paint that matches the color of the car

1 -Start by putting on the gloves and safety glasses and wear them throughout this entire procedure. The gloves will protect your hands, and the glasses protect your eyes from shards of metal or paint that might come shooting off the vehicle as you work.

2 - Start by using the electric sander with a hard grit sandpaper and sand off all the area around the rust spot. This will get rid of the loose bits of paint that will get in the way of painting.

3 - Now begin sanding down the rust spot with the electric sander. Make sure that you sand the area until the signs of the brown rust are completely removed. The sander will take the rust off, and you will sand it down until you get the area back to its original metal state.

4 - Apply a coat of primer paint to the area and make sure that it covers every inch of the rust spot and the surrounding area. Let the primer paint dry for a full twenty-four hours before proceeding to the next step.

5 - Apply the final coat of matching paint over the top of the primer. Make sure that the paint that you apply matches the color of the rest of the vehicle to ensure that the transition between colors looks seamless in appearance. Make sure that the paint is also spread evenly throughout the vehicle and that there are not clumps of paint throughout the area.

Let the paint dry for a full twenty-four hours in a location that is away from the elements to complete the job.

If you have rust spots that are located in areas of the vehicle close by critical mechanical components of the car, you should always consult with a professional auto body repair specialist. An auto body specialist can fix all types of rust spots that have infected all areas of the car's metal body.