How Your RV Gets Fixed After A Wreck

5 November 2015
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Been in a wreck recently? Ever wonder what happens at an RV collision repair center after your vehicle is dropped off? Here's a brief overview:

Check In.  Once your vehicle arrives at the auto collision repair center it is checked in to the center's computer system. A repair order number is assigned to the vehicle photos of the damage are taken, a preliminary estimate is written, and your insurance company is contacted. This process usually takes about thirty minutes to an hour.

Tear down. After the vehicle is checked in and given a quick wash to make inspection easier it is assigned to a body/frame/mechanical technician for a 100% tear down. This critical part of the process ensures two things:

  1. That all collision related damage is found.
  2. That any parts that are damaged during removal can be added to the claim, and ordered promptly.

Tear down time depends on the extent of the damage, and can take up to a full day to complete.

Repair plan. Once the vehicle has been torn down and additional photographs are taken a final estimate is written. This estimate includes a repair plan for the vehicle. A repair plan will include all labor, parts, and an estimated date of completion. This takes coordinated effort between the estimator, technician, insurance company, and parts department. 

Repair. Once a finalized approved estimate is issued from the insurance company, the body technician can begin to repair any damaged parts and replace any irreparable parts. Parts that are replaced are carefully inspected for fit and quality, and are of three varieties:

  1. Original equipment from your vehicle's automaker
  2. Aftermarket of original quality from an aftermarket parts manufacturer
  3. Used parts of like kind and quality

Once the auto body repair is completed, the vehicle is sent to be refinished with base color and clear coats. All painted parts are replaced and checked for fitment, and any glass removed from the car is replaced. A final detail and quality check ensure the vehicle is ready to return to you.

Return to service The customer service staff at your auto body collision repair center will coordinate the best pickup time, and notify you of any final costs that you owe. Typically, you will be asked by the shop and your insurance company to fill out a customer satisfaction survey. Most importantly you're back on the road safely in your correctly repaired RV. 

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