Three Tips For Businesses With Vehicle Fleets

26 April 2016
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Managing your company's fleet of commercial vehicles can be a difficult task. This may be especially true for those that have only recently started enterprises that require large vehicle fleets. If you are one of these individuals, you may benefit from using the following few tips to help ensure that your company is getting the most from these vehicles.

Avoid Cutting Corners On Maintenance

A large fleet of commercial vehicles can be expensive to maintain. As a result, it can be somewhat common for new business leaders to attempt to cut costs by reducing maintenance frequency. This can lead to excessive wear on your vehicles, which can require expensive repairs to correct.

Fortunately, there are many professionals that offer commercial fleet maintenance packages for businesses. When you use these services, a mechanic will be dispatched to your company on a regular basis to inspect and service your vehicles. By using services that are specially designed to accommodate the needs of commercial vehicle fleets, you can ensure that this work is done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Keep Detailed Records Of Any Work Done To The Vehicle

When one of your vehicles needs to be serviced or have a part repaired, it is important for you to keep detailed records of any work done. It may be possible for your service technician to repair failing parts, but if you notice a vehicle repeatedly experiencing issues with a particular part, it may be more cost effective to replace the part rather than keep repairing it. By keeping these detailed records, you will be able to quickly identify trouble components that you should replace.

Invest In A Mobile Truck Repair Policy

While sound maintenance can help ensure that your commercial fleet functions as reliably as possible, there will still be a chance that your vehicles may one day experience problems while in operation. When this happens, it can create serious disruptions for your client that is expecting the truck to arrive. Luckily, you can help to minimize these disruptions by investing in a policy that offers mobile repair services. Under these policies, a mobile repair vehicle can be sent to the truck that is experiencing problems. While these services can only offer limited repairs, such as flat tire changes, additional fuel or jumpstarts, it can be more than worth the policy fee to have your trucks temporarily addressed so that they can complete their task before undergoing more permanent repairs.

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