Using Hydrographic Paint On Your Car? 2 Problems You May Run Into

26 August 2016
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If you want to paint your car so that it will withstand cracking and everyday wear, hydrographic paint will get the job done. This type of paint is highly flexible and boasts different qualities than regular auto paint. Here are two problems you may run into while using a hydrographic paint and how to address them to get the best paint job possible.

The Paint Is Not Completely Covering The Car's Surface

A frustrating part of painting anything is when you put on that initial coat and notice that the surface layer is showing through. This may even happen after applying multiple coats. If your hydrographic paint isn't giving you the coverage that you want, it could be because the paint's resin is not mixed throughout the paint.

Resin is a heavy ingredient of the paint, and it will settle towards the very bottom of your paint can. When you go to apply the paint and it doesn't have the proper ratio of resin, the paint won't stick to the metal. You need to make sure that the paint has been thoroughly stirred to get all the resin mixed back into the paint.

If you are using paint that has been sitting around for a while, you can take the paint back to the place you bought it from and have them mix up the paint again with one of the mixing machines. You may underestimate how much manual stirring needs to be done, and the professional machinery will get it closer to where it needs to be when you get started with painting.

The Paint Becomes Soft After You Spray It

Once you spray your paint onto the car, give it enough time to dry before checking to see if it's dry to avoid accidentally smudging the paint. If the paint is still soft, a couple things might be hindering the drying process.

A common cause is that you applied too much paint. Try using a different spray nozzle that uses less paint, or apply it in a faster pass. The paint could also be soft because it's too cold where you're painting your car. If you can't paint in warm conditions, make sure the paint has plenty of time to dry before applying an additional coat.

Sometimes a job like painting your car is best left to the professionals to get it done right. Talk to an auto body service like Custom Kar Tops for more tips or to learn about their painting services.