5 Maintenance Tips To Prevent Performance Problems With Diesel Powered Imports

26 February 2019
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Foreign cars are desirable but often have a little different design than domestic models. This may be a turbo diesel engine in your car, which will require specific maintenance for optimal performance. There are also things that you can do to prevent problems and improve performance, such as using better fuel and regularly changing filters. Here are some maintenance tips that will help prevent problems with diesel-powered imports:

1. Cleaning Your Engine Will Reduce Performance Problems and Prolong Its Life

Dirt and road debris are not good for any engine, but it can be the cause of wear and serious performance problems for a diesel. Therefore, one of the best things to do to prevent diesel performance problems is to keep the engine clean. Cleaning the engine compartment will reduce wear and allow you to quickly locate problems like oil leaks and blown seals or other problems.

2. Changing All the Filters Regularly to Reduce Problems with Performance and Power Loss

Dirty air and fuel filters can severely hamper the performance of diesel engines, which is why they need to be changed regularly. While this is something that needs to be done when you have the oil changed, they may need to be changed sooner if your engine is showing signs of performance problems and not getting enough fuel.

3. Change Coolant and Other Fluids Regularly to Improve Performance and Reduce Wear

It is important to regularly change the fluids in your car for optimal performance and to reduce wear. With a diesel-powered car, you may want to change the coolant, brake, or transmission fluid between routine oil changes. This is because your diesel will need fewer oil changes than a gasoline engine, and these components may need maintenance before you are due for an oil change.

4. Routine Oil Changes and Maintenance to Do When You Have the Oil Changed in Diesel Engines

Changing the oil in a diesel engine is a little different than with gasoline. First, you will get more miles between oil changes, but they still need to be done regularly. You can expect a diesel to burn a minimal amount of oil, so it is always a good habit to have a quart of oil with your spare tire. In addition, there is maintenance that needs to be done when you change the oil. You want to make sure you change the oil, fuel and air filters every time you change the oil and check for leaks.

5. Brakes, Tires and Suspension Maintenance for Better Performance and Handling

Just like with gasoline cars, maintenance of your brakes, tires, and suspension is important for your diesel-powered car. Good suspension maintenance will help improve engine performance, reduce wear, and help you get more miles from a full tank of diesel.

These are some maintenance tips to help prevent problems with diesel-powered imports. If you need help with repairs or routine maintenance, contact an auto repair shop like Olson's  Auto Body to ensure the work is done correctly.