5 Tips To Inspect Your Car After An Auto Body Repair

25 August 2015
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After an auto body repair, such as collision repair, it is important that you carefully inspect your vehicle. You want to be sure that the repair job was done correctly. Here are some tips for inspecting your car when it is time to pick it up.

Request a Clean Car

Even if the exterior of your car was not clean when it was taken to the auto body shop, it is important that it is when you pick it up. A clean car is easier to inspect for imperfections. When you receive the call that your car is ready, be sure to request that it is thoroughly cleaned before you arrive. 

Check for Old Parts

It is not your responsibility to get rid of old car parts. Unfortunately, some auto repair shops toss the old parts in the trunk or the interior of the car after repairing it. Even though it might not seem like a big deal to you, it actually is. It could be an indication of the shop's overall work ethic, which could directly impact just how good of a job was done fixing your car. 

Inspect the Paint

One of the most common errors made in auto body repair is that the paint from new parts is not matched to the existing parts of the car. To ensure that your car does not have any mismatched parts, ensure your car is clearly visible and step back a few feet from it. Look for differences in the paint. If there are any, ask that they are repaired before you sign off on the repairs. 

Check for Body Gaps

Body gaps can occur when new panels on your car are incorrectly installed. The gaps are more than just unsightly, they can also be a safety concern. If you are involved in another accident, they will not provide you with much protection. Ask the technician about any gaps that you find. 

Look for Warning Lights

The final part of the inspection involves checking for warning lights. Turn on the ignition and check the panel for warning lights. If there are any illuminated after the first few seconds, ask the technician to check it out. If the warning light is on as the result of the accident or the repair, the source of it needs to be determined and repaired. 

In most instances, the collision repair shop does a great job in repairing cars to their formal condition. However, it is on you to inspect your car before driving off from the shop.