The Advantages Of Using Professional Paintless Dent Repair To Remove Minor Collision Damage From Your Car

27 August 2015
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When a minor collision occurs, you may be left wondering how you can have the small dents removed from your car without a complete paint job. Fortunately, this problem can be resolved by a professional who is experienced in paintless dent repair. This method is done by using a special tool that has a strong suction ability which can pull small to medium dents out of the exterior of an automobile. This form of dent removal is commonly used in auto body shops and has a variety of different advantages for the auto owner. 

Less Expensive 

One of the best advantages of paintless dent removal is that it is much cheaper than having a dent in your car pushed out, sanded down, primed and repainted. This process requires less work and less time to complete. When done properly, you get the same results at only a fraction of the cost of a paint job.

Ideal for Minor Damages 

Small dents can occur to your car due to the slightest incidents. These dents may be caused by hail damage, flying gravel while driving, door dings that occur on parking lots and even an overly enthusiastic dog jumping on your car. Paintless dent removal can remove these small dents and leave your factory paint job looking unharmed.

Shorter Wait Times 

Some auto body shops can complete this process on the same day you call to make appointment. This helps prevent the car owner from missing work time while the repairs are being completed.

No Loss of Auto Value 

The resale value of a vehicle often depreciates once the original factory paint has been removed or covered. However, since no sanding or painting will be done to your automobile, the current resale value of the car usually stays the same.

Auto Insurance Company Preferred 

Most auto insurance companies prefer that you have dents professionally removed by paintless dent removal. This saves money for the insurance company because the cost of paintless dent removal is less expensive. It also helps the auto owner because the cost of insurance premiums do not increase as much.

Paintless dent removal efficiently removes dents from any type of vehicle. Dents are removed safely regardless of what type of paint or finish exists on the automobile. This process works so well that there are usually no visible signs that the damage ever occurred. It does not cause the finish to crack, crease chip or peel.  Check out an auto body shop like Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc after a minor collision to see if they offer paintless dent repair.