How to Tell When Your Car Is Out of Alignment

7 June 2019
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Being in alignment is important in so many facets of life. A healthy spine that is in perfect alignment makes it easy for you to sit up straight and stand without unnecessary strain. This same principle holds true for your car. Your vehicle is designed to be in alignment, with all of the wheels in the right position so that driving is an enjoyable experience. However, your car can be knocked out of alignment and if you drive your car every day you might not even realize it.

Read through the signs below and you should be able to tell when your car is out of alignment so you can have it repaired.

Your Vehicle Veers to One Side of the Road

When your car is in alignment you typically find that driving really doesn't require an extra tight grip. You can easily guide the direction of your vehicle with a light touch and the car goes exactly where you want it to go.

All of this changes when your car is out of alignment. You could find that you hold the wheel so tight that your knuckles start to turn colors. You're trying desperately to keep the car from veering off to the right or left side of the road but the moment you let up the car starts to take that familiar nosedive.

If this is happening, you definitely need to seek out auto alignment repair. You don't have to get into an accident to throw your car out of alignment. Sometimes all it takes is hitting a pothole too hard or letting someone tow the vehicle by attaching the pulley to the wheel train. However it happened, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible.

The Tires Are Quickly Losing Tread

You'll also find that you have to replace your tires more often than normal. Cars that are out of alignment place unnecessary strain on the tires to accommodate for the excess strain. You might even have to go through tires at such a rapid pace that you wonder if you need to return to driving school for a refresher course! If this is the case, it's probably not you. A good alignment specialist can get your baby fixed up in no time.

Once your car is back in alignment your driving should be much more pleasurable. Look for these signs and if they appear you'll know just what to do.